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Dandelion: An Original Musical 

TFTC's 29 Hour Equity Reading of Dandelion: An Original Musical told the story of Jane and her mother Delilah confronting profound questions of guilt, responsibility, and sacrifice as Jane decides between attending college in pursuit of her lifelong dreams, or staying home to care for Delilah - who is locked in a desperate battle with severe mental illness and opioid addiction.  Presented for one developmental performance, Dandelion examined the traditional expectations of female responsibility alongside what it means to truly love yourself and your family. Both moving and funny, we told a story of hope and grief, but, perhaps most importantly, a story of female power, and the promise of new possibility.

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Honesty in an Apology 

TFTC presented Honesty in an Apology Off Broadway at The Hudson Guild Theatre for The New York Summerfest Theatre Festival. Nominated for Best Short Play, Honesty in an Apology explores the relationship between father and his son while diving into themes of abandonment, forgiveness and truth when their unexpected and awkward reunion reignites past tensions.

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Typed Out: A Princess Cabaret

TFTC's Typed Out: A Princess Cabaret was a celebration of female empowerment that gave women of traditionally marginalized groups the platform to take ownership of songs society has previously seen reserved to a select few women. Typed Out was made possible by the collaboration of 19 female-identifying performers, band members, and crew members. The amazing turn-out made it possible for TFTC to donate a portion of the night's proceeds to the Lower East Side Girls Club!

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New Theatre, New Faces

TFTC's New Theatre, New Faces was a writers' showcase at The Green Room 42 which featured From Inside... by Zachary Decker, making his playwrighting debut, and selections from several new musicals written by an emerging brother/sister writing duo Cristina & Robbie Farruggia.


Songs From a Coffee Shop

TFTC presented Songs From A Coffee Shop a new song cycle by Kelsey Kindall at Don't Tell Mama to a sold out crowd! Written by emerging composer, Kelsey Kindall, this new song cycle took the audience through an average day at a coffee shop. Songs From A Coffee Shop shows the audience snapshots of various customers and their daily struggles that all brought them to the cafe.

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