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Rooftop Reading Series

The Rooftop Reading Series is a developmental lab to foster new works from emerging artists, and a way to meet and form relationships with our community! This can include musicals, plays, essays, sketch comedy, songwriting and more! Each installment can look very different than the last, and we encourage each artist to use the opportunity however they feel is best for the next step of their show!

Email us at to apply!



Original Music 

by Ellie Swartz

Ellie Swartz made her NYC singer/songwriter debut with TFTC! Ellie was accompanied by Josh Young (guitar), Bettina Forbes (violin), and Steve Peckman (flute). Rachel Norman opened the evening accompanied by Kris Wong of Vera Kay and Canvas Collective. Price of admission for the event was a canned food item for City Harvest's Food Drive! 

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APRIL 2019

The Remembering Party 

by Kenny Hahn

The Remembering Party comedically explores a dysfunctional family coming together to remember their deceased grandfather at his "Second Wake".

Join us on Saturday for a reading of Sea


Who's Who in Dipsomania 

by Nick Anderson

October's installment was a collection of performative essays by Nick Anderson. 

Her Sound Poster.jpg


Her Sound 

by Ethan Carlson

HER SOUND is a new song cycle that re-imagines the ancient stories of women in a contemporary context: what could their stories really have been? Her Sound looks at injustice, love, sex, misogyny, and giving voice & power to the women in our earliest tales



Sea Silk: A Play with Music

by Jasen Miyamoto and Jasen Sill 

Sea Silk is a tri-generational play with music about the interwoven lives of the last women in the world who could carry on the dying art form of weaving sea silk.



From Inside...

by Zachary Decker

From Inside.... continued to be workshopped and then produced as part of TFTC's New Theatre, New Faces event.



Sons and Dogs

by Jessica Mcllquham

A 14 year old engineer-in-the-making and her four brothers have to cope with the dangers of parents withholding love. When they can no longer look after even each other, she has to make tough choices. SONS & DOGS is an original folk-funk musical set in small town Wisconsin in the 1970's, and is about the secrets we keep from our neighbors.




by Nick Vogl

In this sci-fi thriller, an astronaut sets out to begin the human race on an exoplanet. Alone and with unexpected circumstances, she battles nature and technology for the future of our species.

Meet Nachi Lederer, our first  artist pr

JUNE 2018


by Nachi Lederer

SPROUTED!, a new musical adaptation of Jack & the Beanstalk, has important messages for kids and adults alike. 

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