September Newsletter

Hey, remember me? That's right, I'm back to tell you (among other things) that there's less than 24 hours left to donate to our Hear Her Sound small donations campaign!


Hear Her Sound

So as all of you heard last Wednesday, we're kicking off our 4th Season by asking for donations to help us achieve our goals in the coming year. One of these goals is to bring to completion Ethan Carlson's Her Sound.

The idea for this campaign is to give you a sneak peak into our next project Her Sound Vol. 2 by giving you access to tracks early in return for your donation.

$10 = 1 track from the album

$20 or any monthly donation = 2 tracks from the album

Think about it like buying us lunch and then in return we serenade you with some of the fiercest voices musical theatre has to offer. That's a pretty good deal right?


Today we're making our final push for donations, so we're reaching out to you to help us make our goal before the end of the campaign. We hope you enjoy the pieces we produce as much as we do, and we love the opportunity to share them with you! Unfortunately, these projects don't happen for free, so we need your help to allow us to continue making them a reality. If you have the means, we'd greatly appreciate if you took the time to invest in our little company so we can continue to do big things!

You can donate now on our homepage at!


RSO: Monday the 13th

Colleague and mentor Ryan Scott Oliver is hosting another show at 54 Below this month, showcasing songs from his canon including pieces from Mrs. Sharp; Darling; 35mm: A Musical Exhibition; Jasper in Deadland; We Foxes; Rope; Otherbody, a brief musical allegory; Three Points of Contact, and world premieres from his latest work. The evening is slated to have an incredible star studded cast including our very own Miranda Luze! Go to 54 Below's website for more details.


Miranda's Booked!

Speaking of things Miranda is in, last Thursday marked her Off-Broadway debut as Meredith/Phyllis/Kevin in The Office! A Musical Parody! I was lucky enough to see her in all of her hilarity Thursday, but you can now see her 6 times a week at the Theater Center on Broadway and 50th Street. Get your tickets here!


I'm Booked?!

Turns out I also got a job. I was offered the role of Joe Pesci in Jersey Boys on Norwegian Cruise Lines! Rehearsals begin mid-October, and then I'll spend the next 6-8 months (TBD) sailing the seven seas, singing Can't Take My Eyes Off You, and enduring my castmates' eccentric dietary restrictions. Should be a blast!


One More For the Road

Before I fully let you out of here, I can't help but reiterate how important to us it would be if you chose to donate to our campaign today. You all make this company go, so we're turning to you to help us keep it going. Once again:

You can donate now on our homepage at!

Alllllllrighty. You've come to the end of a small, but mighty newsletter this month. Thank you all, as always, for reading and I hope you have a beautiful and prosperous September ahead of you. Until next month!

All the Best,

Matt and TFTC

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