September Newsletter '20

Updated: Jan 9, 2021

We've all been paying attention to what's going on in the world yea? Yea, not good. Make's you feel like you should probably vote huh? Agreed. Check to make sure you're registered here:

Welcome to my best attempt to lighten your mood and distract you from the dumpster fire of the world for the next 15 minutes! Ready, Go!

Look at our new logo!

Yes, it's similar. Yes, I subtly inserted it to the bottom of the last newsletter. But here it is, in all it's glory. Notice the subtle shifts in shades of blue. Bask in the slashes of color accentuating and enveloping the old logo you used to know, or rather, the logo you thought you knew. It's here, it's beautiful, it's Thousand Faced Theatre Company.

Virtually Thriving

As you've seen in previous editions of the newsletter, members of our community have continued to find ways to connect and create during a time of social distance. Here's a rundown of just some of the amazing things we're seeing happen around the community.

Napoleon Douglas (@napoleonics) was featured on the podcast Studio Time with Matthew Carey, discussing his journey in life and the business from Des Moines, IA to New York, NY.  The podcast is about the big and small ways in which artists can change the world, and discovering the unconventional approaches creatives develop to generate unique results in their lives and work. The episode is called Napoleon Douglas - Doing it Live. Torian Brackett (@sabertb) just landed a roll in the new animated series The Chronicles of Jack Ross: The Specialist. Created by voice over artist Tre Mosley, the series follows an operative whose job is to stop those who operate above the law. "If you take some Shaft with a pinch of James Bond and Nick Fury stirred into a big pot of gumbo, you'd come out with Jack Ross." The show features an all Black cast and is accepting donations via the Cashapp to help reach it's funding goal at $JackRossTheSpec. Sara Glancy (@saraglancy1) will be featured in The Digital Speakeasy Theatre's virtual cabaret to benefit the World Central Kitchen. All donations will be matched by Edrington Americas. The show is TOMORROW October 1st at 5pm EST, find out details on how to watch and donate here! Niclole DeLuca (@ndelucs) and Shelby Acosta (@_shelbyacosta_) have made the Top 20 in the Spot-On Arts Academy Give My Regards competition. You have the chance to send BOTH of them to the Top 10 by voting here! Sam Gray (@samgrayviolin) is following up his beautiful September 19 virtual Mendelssohn Violin Concerto with a virtual concert Saturday, December 12th from 3-4pm EST entitled Bach to Brahms. You can reserve your tickets ahead of time here! Olivia Griffin (@og_oliviagriffin) had yet another one of her fantastic Living Room Tunes sessions this afternoon on the AirTime app, this time with Michi (@musicbymichi). You can continue to see her livestreams Wednesdays from 3-4pm EST on the aforementioned AirTime app.

Matt Schultz Reviews: Future Business Ventures

In the place of his monthly segment giving us his hot takes and seething criticisms of productions of the New York theatre scene, we decided to give Matt a space to pitch his newest enterprising idea.

Have you or a loved one ever had your life affected by a paranormal experience? Have you frequently had visits or interactions with ghosts, spirits, or entities? Do you ever feel unsafe knowing that you may encounter an apparition from beyond the grave? Well have we got a product for you! The mastermind who had the idea for East Coast Toast: a chain of restaurants across the Northeast serving patrons only the highest quality of specialty toast, now plans to merge his revolutionary brain child with a visionary idea for the future: Paranormal Insurance.  Paid by monthly procurement, we provide poignant procedures that put power into your priceless palms. We protect you from the panoply of pesky poltergeists and predatory possessors, and employ passionate professionals who take pride in pleasing people like you. Altogether this groundbreaking new enterprise will be called Ghost Toast Inc. Maintaining both the mom-n-pop atmosphere and attention to detail provided by a 2nd wave toast patisserie, and the expansive network and reliability of a major insurer to bring you an unforgettable customer experience. Ghost Toast Inc. reserves the right to deny payment of any claim of paranormal experience that is lacking in concrete or otherwise undeniable evidence. Ghost Toast Inc. also currently has no location of operation at this time due to the lack of investors and follow through from the CEO of East Coast Toast Matt Schultz. Contact our Head of Marketing Kellie McMennemon to become a brand ambassador and give her any tips, she needs them. All rights reserved. 

Congratulations: Present and Future

Lastly, we at TFTC wanted to wish a congratulations to our friend Samm Gatwood on her upcoming wedding and wish happy postponements to our dear friends Kellie and Matt, Brooke and Eric, Mat and Diego, and any and all people who had to have their wedding moved or reduced in size due to Covid protocols. Our love goes out to each and every one of you in these hard times, but here's our attempt at silver lining. Due to the postponement of their wedding Matt and Kellie were able to connect via instagram with the fabled reality television personality and star of MTV's The Challenge Johnny Bananas. In this exchange Kellie was able to fulfill her dream of inviting him to their upcoming wedding. Though he respectfully denied their offer, they nevertheless did some concentrated sleuthing and promptly sent a save-the-date to what they believe is his home address. They eagerly await his return RSVP.

That's the end of the road for us! I hope we were able to keep you occupied and give you a moment of reprieve before you dive back into the world of real life. As always we wish you the best, brightest, and most beautiful month. Until next time, Thousand Faced Theatre Company

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