October Newsletter '19

Am I the only one who's making headstone decorations of all these closed Broadway shows for Halloween?

Never mind...

So as some of you may have noticed, TFTC has been a little light on content recently *cough* Someone may have missed sending out a certain Newsletter *cough*, but in these last few months Thousand Faced has been hard at work coordinating and planning future events that are sure to knock your warm fuzzy wool socks right off. (Please fall, I need you right now, stop with the 80 degree days already.) To start things off let's break down some of our recent shenanigans!

(Miranda waiting for me to get my shit together)

August Rooftop Series

For our latest installment of the Rooftop Series we did a sampling of Sons and Dogs by Jessica McIlquham by staging a recording session with members of the original cast and the Thousand Faced community. We captured 5 pieces from the show ranging from rocking power ballads to haunting choral interludes, and came out with footage that will be valuable to Jessica and the show moving forward. You can also find a clip of it on our instagram @thousandfacedtheatre.

October Rooftop Series

Now to transition into announcing our October Rooftop Series: Her Sound by Ethan Carlson! Her Sound is a new song cycle that re-imagines ancient stories of women for a more contemporary context, and presents potential alternate narratives to traditionally one-sided stories. We will be holding the reading at Open Jar Studios on October 16th from 7:45-9:45pm with the presentation starting at 8:15pm in room 12M!

Matt Schultz Reviews

With our Business Manager and esteemed theatre critic Matt Schultz out of the country recently, I thought I'd share a review friend of the company Violet Saylor and I were given before seeing the show Linda Vista at the Helen Hayes Theatre.

Violet's Coworker: "A lot of old guy problems. And a few graphic sex scenes."

I'm happy to report the review was correct on all fronts.

Tune in next month for the next thrilling chapter of Matt Schultz Reviews!

Next section.

Behind the Curtain

In addition to the goings-on inside TFTC operations, our members have all been quite busy recently both personally and professionally. (#humblebrag) Here's a look at some highlights as to what we've been up to!

Lera Zamaraeva finished out her season at the Black Hills Playhouse, and upon returning to New York left for a two week trip around Europe and Russia to visit family and sight-see with her mother. (Shoutout to Natalia!) She is now comfortably resettled in New York after a wild September and feeling refreshed and reinvigorated, at least that's what I gathered from her trying to show off her new sparkly flip-flops to me last night. I mean, they're cool I guess.

Nathan David Smith has rejoined the cast of the national tour of The Office Parody Musical after an equally jam-packed September. Between weeks back in the city, Nathan traveled home to Iowa with Miranda (yes the one down there, we'll get to her) for the wedding of his mom and new stepdad Sam. And just before fully leaving for another month of touring, he went ahead and made his Off-Broadway debut swinging in as Jim/Andy at The Theater Center.

Miranda Luze in addition to attending and performing in Nathan's mom's wedding, signed with her new agent Paige Chambers at Resolute Artists Agency

Matt Beary will be leaving to tour with TheaterWorksUSA's production of Dragons Love Tacos starting October 14th. He spent the end of September saying goodbye to all of the people he has built relationships with at his respective coffee jobs, and found it decidedly harder than he imagined. 

Matt Schultz has spent the month of September hosting a visit from his sister and then taking off to Germany for a trip to Berlin during Oktoberfest. I'd ask him about it, but I'm sure he's having no fun at all, so I won't bother.

The Happenings

Though it's been Deadsville recently on the audition circuit, our lovely community has still found ways to be awesome and make art:

Robby and Cristina Farruggia will be performing at the Duplex Cabaret and Piano Bar on October 20th alongside two other composers as part of the In the Works series to try out new material in front of a supportive audience. Show starts at 9:30pm and you can get tickets here.

Carly Hayes, Alec Brown, and Tucker will be reclaiming the spotlight once again in Peter, Paul and Carly at the Duplex on October 28th at 7pm. Get your tickets here.

Christae Evanson will be making her Off-Broadway debut in Good Morning New York beginning in January and performed a promotional concert at 54 Below on Friday!

After hearing of Christae's fantastic news we wanted to give her a shoutout on our social media so that it could reach the people of our community. If you have anything awesome going on in your life or something you'd like us to promote send it to us! We'd love to be the megaphone to amplify your work to a larger audience.

Well thank you all for being patient but... that's all I've got for you. Keep being awesome. Peace up, A-town down. Yeah, Thousand Faced Theatre Company

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