October Newsletter

What's this? A newsletter on the 3rd?! During Spooky Season of all times?!? I've made a grave mistake.

For us at TFTC and many of our friends and community members, September was a month of great transition. Now with October here, I think we can all settle into our fall aesthetics and reap what's been sewn in the past weeks and months. First things first...


We broke up!

Well not really, but the apartment in which our company was shaped, developed, and cultivated a huge amount of our community (and one which housed a majority of our members) has been vacated. Miranda and Nathan have splintered off to live in their own quaint one-bedroom, while Matt B. and Lera have moved a whole three blocks away with our new roommate Cole. Have no fear, everyone is still within walking distance.


Her Sound Vol. 2

Remember that unbelievable album we produced with Ryan Scott Oliver that was full of incredibly talented artists and written by Ethan Carlson, THE musical theatre composer of the future? Yea, that was only two weeks ago! We're so happy with the reception the album has gotten from our community, and we can't thank all of you enough for listening, posting, and sharing your love for it with the world.


Doubling Down

This month Miranda and Lera, in continuing collaboration with Ryan Scott Oliver, have begun working for Actor Therapy as Director of Social Media and Enrollment and Content Creation Queen (according to Mat Whitman) respectively. You'll be seeing their wonderful content strewn about the Actor Therapy instagram page (@actortherapy) and website over the coming months.


Grown Up Bedtime Stories Live

TFTC collaborator Cassidy Layton (last seen in July presenting TWO pieces at RSO's Soho Salon) is producing a one-night only "Existential Haunted Art House" in Bushwick on October 16th. It's free to the public thanks to the NYC Artist Corps Grant, and you can find your tickets here.


Talented Friends

We are also lucky to know a huge swath of people who are beginning work on contracts across the country as theatres reopen their doors, and audiences fill the seats. This non-exhaustive list includes: Mathew Bautista in RENT; Jose Monge in Waitress; Joe Hornburger in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory; Nicole Zelka in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory; Shelby Acosta in Into the Woods; Me leaving on a boat; and Nathan and Miranda still in The Office: a Musical Parody. We just wanted to send out a huge congratulations and good luck to all of you. Break legs!


And that'll do it for me! This edition of the newsletter will be the last written completely on dry land for the next few months, so let's hope I gain my sea legs sooner rather than later or this is gonna get wobbly. Thank you as always for reading, and we'll see you next month!

All the best, Matt and TFTC

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