November Newsletter '20

Updated: Jan 9, 2021

After what was undoubtedly a strange holiday weekend for all, this month's newsletter will be short and sweet. I'll point you in the direction of some important stuff we have coming up and give a little thanks to the people making it happen.

Company Happenings Professional Pretenders Podcast: Last week marked the release of our new venture into the realm of podcasts. The Professional Pretenders Podcast features Joshuah Dominique, TFTC's own Nathan David Smith, and myself discussing the challenges facing the world of theatre and the improvements we'd like to see it make when it resumes next year (aka pretending anyone wants to hear our opinions on anything). Give it a listen anywhere you would regularly find podcasts. Concert From Your Couch: Next month brings the tidings of our annual fundraiser, and this year we'll be producing a virtual concert made up of members of the TFTC board and community. The concert will be livestreamed December 19 at 8pm through Eventbrite & Youtube, virtual tickets will be available to purchase through Eventbrite in the coming days. We hope you'll tune in and support us so we can continue doing the work we love and producing pieces that deserve to be heard.

Newest Additions to Your Playlist Kelsey Kindall, the composer whose show we first produced as a company, has released a solo EP of original music she recorded during quarantine. Couldn't Be Bothered is available on all streaming services and you should definitely check it out if you get the chance. Olivia Griffin, the multi-talented artist and collaborator that we're clearly obsessed with, has continued to release her own original music. Her newest single Spill The Tea is available on all streaming platforms, go listen! Colleen Francis, composer of TFTC's Dandelion, just released the Christmastime banger Coal under her pseudonym Franky C. You can find the song wherever you listen to music.

Now I'd like to shine a light on those who make this company possible...

Nathan David Smith Nathan spares no effort in his work both in and outside of the company. He commits 110% to any task that's given to him, regardless of how far it may be outside his comfort level, and will never dip below the superior standard he holds himself to. His willingness to share in others' interests, as much as his own, is emblematic of the generosity and care he shows for anyone he encounters.

Lera Zamaraeva Lera brings to the company an unmatched artistic vision and signature style. With her production posters, social media posts, and even our newest podcast cover art, she has helped bring our work to life with thoughtful, professional images that are works of art unto themselves. Her ever-present optimism and lust for life are a revelation to those lucky enough to experience it, and her sense of individuality is something to aspire to.

Matt Schultz Matt is the calm port in the storm in the company. He leads by listening and provides invaluable insight in areas that the rest of us would be utterly lost without. He's consistent, reliable, and dedicated (as evidenced by his weekly 20 minute walks to our apartment for meetings every week). His thirst for knowledge is insatiable and contagious, and every day he is constantly making himself and the people around him better.

Miranda Luze Miranda is the heart and soul of the company. Her undying passion and commitment to the art we create is matched only by the love she feels for those we create it with. Her ability to multitask creating, communicating, and organizing approaches near superhuman levels, and are the building blocks of what makes this company successful. She has a natural ability to bring people together and is fiercely loyal to those lucky enough to be her friends.

I'd also like to thank all of the artists we've been able to work with during Covid times and those that we worked with before; the artists who've allowed me to present their videos and writing samples in this newsletter; those who have continued to support us throughout these days of uncertainty, and those of you who've taken the time to read this newsletter. We are so so grateful for your love and support.

That's enough gushing for one newsletter I think. I hope you all had a safe and happy holiday weekend, and the coming weeks bring you nothing but comfort and joy. Warm Wishes, TFTC

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