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March on Broadway

We at TFTC wanted to take the time to recognize the amazing work that went into organizing the March on Broadway last week, and that we fully support the demands for inclusivity and transparency that are being called for. Behind the scenes we've been doing our best to listen and learn from what our BIPOC peers have to say about their experiences, and the changes that need to be made. In the new year we as a company enrolled in a free Anti-Racism course offered through coursera, and have found it to be a great resource. If any readers would be interested in furthering their education on their own here's the link.

Two artists that have emerged as leaders in the fight for the issues surrounding the March on Broadway are Davon Williams and Napoleon Douglas.

Davon (@daywilling) is someone we've been shouting out in our newsletters for sometime now because of the amazing work he's been doing through his show "The Receipts w/ Davon Williams". He's explored countless issues he's faced with the union and industry at large, and was instrumental in last weeks passage of the Black Theatre Matters bill at the AEA Convention.

Napoleon (@napoleonics) is someone I'm lucky enough to call a friend. He's been with Davon every step of the way, and in the meantime has been making strides developing his career as a producer. We've previously highlighted his role as Associate Producer on XtheExperience and just recently joined Alvarez Keko Salazar as a Creative Producer.

These two have put in so much work the past few months to make the theatre industry better, and they're nowhere near done. Kudos to them and all that they do.


Her Sound, Vol. 2

This week TFTC is recording Volume 2 of Her Sound by Ethan Carlson! We have an amazing cast slated for the project, so stay tuned for a release announcement this summer...

Pictured: Actual rock-stars with C7.


Mother's Day

Speaking of amazing women, with Mother's Day coming up next week we wanted to send our appreciation to all the Moms out there in the TFTC community. Being a mom is a full time job, and while your value can't be overstated your, sacrifices can often go unseen. Fortunately, some of us got to see our moms recently. I got to visit home for the first time this year after being fully vaccinated to celebrate my mom's retirement after 25 years of service to the State of Iowa! On the flip side, Lera's mom just finished her first ever trip to New York City last week! In short, Moms rock.


Nathan gets his own section?

I guess since I give Matt one every month he can have this. Last week Miranda and I went with a gaggle of friends to see Nathan perform in The Office: A Musical Parody as Dwight Off-Broadway. Then, as if our praise meant nothing to him, yesterday he touted to me that he was individually mentioned in reviews from Chelsea Community News and The New Yorker. He would like to take this time to mention that he just finished reading a book and to wish his sister (and avid newsletter reader) Emily a happy birthday on the 3rd.


That's gonna do it for us this month. I hope you all have a beautiful and prosperous May.

All the best,

Matt and TFTC

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