March Newsletter

Updated: May 3

Welcome readers to the latest edition of the newsletter! This month our updates come as a mix of some personal, some professional. What else is new? Anyway, read on and see the highlights of the past month and what's to come!


Her Sound Sneak Peek

In the past, we at TFTC have usually kept our cards close to our chest about who is involved in our projects until they're finalized, but this go around we couldn't help ourselves. After their recording session for Her Sound Vol. 3 (yes it's coming) composer Ethan Carlson (@ethancarlson5) snapped a pic with THE Diana of Diana the musical Jeanna de Waal (@thebigdewaal). Working with Jeanna was an amazing experience for all of us and a dream come true for Ethan, can't wait to let you in on who else is involved!

With rehearsals and recordings ongoing, keep your eyes peeled for further announcements about the album later 2022.


Some Notable Departures

In the past few weeks The Office: A Musical Parody has seen the curtain go down on a number of friends and colleagues of TFTC. Last week saw the final performances of Hannah Spaulding (@hannah.m.spaulding) who finished as the man himself Michael Scott, our own Miranda Luze (@miranda.luze) as Phyllis/Meredith, and this week will see the departure of Logan Graye (@logan.graye) as Angela. We wish them all the best as they turn the page on this chapter of their careers, and in future endeavors always remember to "enjoy the company of your company."


An Anticipated Entrance

This month (we assume) will also see the much anticipated arrival of company member Matt Schultz (and his wife Kellie)'s first born child! Feel free to pass on any well wishes and early congratulations to the soon-to-be-parents, and if you'd like to add to the future college fund all checks can be made out to Thousand Faced Theatre Company.


Solidarity with Ukraine

Lastly, Thousand Faced Theatre Company would like to take the time to acknowledge the horror and injustice of Russia's current invasion of Ukraine. We as a company stand with the people of Ukraine and the values of democracy and freedom that they fight for in the face of oppression and tyranny. May safety and security come to those who have fled or lost their homes, and peace come soon to end this senseless conflict.


And on that somber note, I take my leave. I hope you all have a wonderful March, and winter makes it's way for spring to bring a little sunshine into all of our lives. See you next month!

All the best,

Matt and TFTC

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