March Newsletter '19

That's right, it's here.

We wanted to update this newsletter to better reflect who we are as a company, and make it a more enjoyable read for you, our lovely audience. Our old format was a bit boring formal, and though it was informational, there are better ways to keep you up to date (and it's more fun this way.) So strap in. It's real, it's us, it's happening. 

Threading the Needle Last month Thousand Faced Theatre produced a staged reading of Jasen Miyamoto and Jason Sill's new musical Sea Silk. It was hosted in the beautiful Penthouse 1 at Shetler Studios and explored the (actual) life of the last sea silk weaver in the world. Even with limited rehearsal time, the team (led by director Erin Reynolds) put together a powerful show about life, purpose, and tradition through three generations of women. It was truly a great night of theatre. Now if you read that and thought, "Dang I wish I would've been there," YOU'RE RIGHT YOU SHOULD HAVE. But don't worry, the show is still in development and the team has a lot of plans for its future going forward. On top of that, we have one way you can make sure not to have the same feeling next month: Come to the March Rooftop Series!!! This month we will be showcasing the work of playwright and comedian Kenny Hahn! She will be presenting a reading of her play RIP Gramps, as well as giving us a glimpse of her brand-new stand up set. The event will be at 7pm on Tuesday, March 26th located at 803 Wyckoff Ave. in Ridgewood. Be there or be vastly disappointed when we tell you how dope of a time it was next month! Do you have a piece that you've written that needs to be heard? Submit it to us at

Next up: Do you want boring procedural info about how we're continuing towards being a recognized non-profit? Look no further!

Down to Business TFTC officially held it's first Board of Directors meeting on February 28, 2019 where they held their first elections for officers of the board and officially approved the company's corporate bylaws. This will now set the precedent for how the company will function moving forward and solidify the foundation on which the company will build upon. In addition to the Board meeting and the approval of the bylaws, TFTC has now opened an official corporate bank account through PNC Banking. This allows us to move forward formally and efficiently in regards to donations, tax filings, etc. and accomplishes a crucial step in moving toward achieving our 501(c)3 status.

Mmmmm gotta love excessive amounts of legal jargon AMIRITE?! I kid, but honestly that's the stuff that greases the wheels on this well-oiled machine. It allows us to put up all the awesome events that we do, so we can't be too bitter. Now here, my friends, is where you get to learn about the ever-exciting and productive lives of our team and community members! Inside the Cockpit On Thursday our Director of Media and Marketing Lera Zamaraeva leaves on a two week excursion through Europe, passing through Prague, Vienna, and Budapest on her way to visit her family in Russia. (Sweet invite...) We wish her the best as she experiences the world and leaves us all behind to look at her instagram posts in envy. (Btw if you want her handle it's @lerazamaraeva)

Friday marks our Director of Records and Communication (and resident newsletter writer ;) ) Matt Beary's birthday. He will be turning the ripe old age of 25, highlights of his life up to this point include: Seeing the original broadway cast of Hamilton, participating in his best friends' and sister's wedding, and hanging out with his niece Gwendolyn. (Oh, and starting a bomb-ass theatre company.) He will be accepting handwritten birthday cards and checks made out to Thousand Faced Theatre Company.

All Around Town TFTC wants to congratulate Little Foxes Theatre Company on their hugely successful run of The Seagull/Stupid Fucking Bird in rep! We had a fantastic time attending and look forward to their next project! Like them at: Our most recent Rooftop Writer Jasen Miyamoto works as an Assistant Production Manager on the Broadway production of What the Constitution Means to Me which starts previews March 14th. Iris Productions will be remounting it's programming schedule following their audition-season hiatus. We're excited to start learning and connecting with more artists again! Visit their website at: Community member Christa Cornay just had her 54 Below debut last Thursday and absolutely KILLED IT. Check out her video here: Congratulations my dear reader, you've made it to the end of the newsletter!

What did you think? Did you love it? Hate it? Think we should add something? Want us to shout you out next month? Reply to us and let us know! We will comb through every single comment and critique until we get this thing right, so help us help you.  All the best, Thousand Faced Theatre Company

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