March Newsletter '20

Updated: Jan 9, 2021

Hey again! Ready to read about all the things we're no longer doing this month? Lol. This is gonna be fun.

Just kidding, we've still got all the content you love. You're not going anywhere! (Literally.)

Her Sound: A Revelation in Song

As you may have read in the last edition, Thousand Faced is producing a concert for the new song cycle Her Sound by Ethan Carlson at 54 Below. The original date was scheduled for April 24th which is (obviously) no longer the plan. We're in talks with 54 Below about a new date, but in the meantime have started a series on our instagram posting clips and lyric sheets from each song because it's really freaking good material and people deserve to see/hear/read it. So check it out @thousandfacedtheatre or on Ethan's @ethancarlson5 and give us a follow ;)

Company Glow Up

We at TFTC have taken this extra time to really work on ourselves. After doing some soul-searching, (and enlisting the help of business consultant and friend Sam Howard) we have recently updated our mission statement and overall brand identity. We don't want to just be that smart-alecky cousin who shows up in your inbox every month and asks you for money (shoutout to half of my family (aka half of our readers)) we want to be that and the down-to-earth, caring, and hard-working company that you can rely on, and we hope these changes reflect those ideals. Feel free to check out the changes if you'd like:

Matt Schultz Reviews

This month our trusted source of critical taste and perspective gives us his thoughts on the Netflix original series Love is Blind. Schultz: "This was everything I needed right now." A glowing recommendation if I've ever heard one. Not only that, but in the same conversation I heard maybe Schultz's hottest take to date on the beloved series Tiger King, also on Netflix. Schultz: "I was bored for a lot of it." Simply stunning. A double feature, don't say you didn't get anything out of the global pandemic. Ahh I'm anticipating the hatemail now. Please send any comments, complaints, compliments, or anything else to

Behind the Curtain (of our windows)

Nathan David Smith had 5 cast members test positive for the coronavirus upon returning home from tour. He then developed curiously similar symptoms to those attributed to Covid-19 and spent every day in quarantine leading up to the dissipation of said symptoms. Miranda Luze, in bizarre fashion, also found herself developing said symptoms. She and the aforementioned Smith spent the majority of their isolation completing their long-running viewership of the 2000s politcal drama The West Wing and playing co-op in the new Animal Crossing. Lera Zamaraeva has been chronicling the households slow regression into absurdity cataloging conversations such as "What is your isolation cry count up to?", "Wanna see how my scar makes it look like I have an ab?", and "How can we platonically stack ourselves spread-eagle on this bed?" She additionally has embarked on a pandemic project to rewatch all of Breaking Bad and is now into Season 5. Matt Beary has found himself asymptomatic of the alleged virus plaguing the apartment, leaving him to ponder whether he was predisposed before the whole ordeal. He has split his time in isolation between rediscovering his love for the saxophone and being a lazy POS. Matt Schultz was spared from the ills of his colleagues and healthily spent his days holed up with his fiance and adorable dog watching trash television and living his best life.

That's all we got! I hope you all enjoyed reading and you have a happy and healthy next few weeks. See you next month! Stay well, Thousand Faced Theatre Company

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