June Newsletter

Hello dear readers! I hope everyone had a fantastic May and an enjoyable Memorial Day weekend. Congratulations to all the 2021 graduates out there (and 2020 graduates that finally got to walk across that stage in person). Today we turn the calendar to a new month full of more sunlight, more hope for the future, PRIDE, and more niche grassroots theatre content you've come to enjoy. <3


Professional Pretenders Podcast

After a few months on hiatus Matt, Nathan, and JD have come rearing back with new segments, new insights, and a lot more pretending. Season 2 Episode 2 dropped yesterday with JD diving into theatre icon and one of their personal heroes: Patricia Patti Lupone. Episodes are dropping every Monday, so you've got time to catch up if need be, or just jump in whenever you'd like! And if you can't get enough of us, you can check out our Patreon for *~bonus material~*.

Now that's some nice album art.


Kiss and Dwell Podcast

Speaking of podcasts, friends of the company Meghan Fitton (@meghanfitton) and Joe Hornburger (@hornburgalar) just wrapped up Season 1 of their romcom podcast Kiss and Dwell (@kissanddwellpod) with guests Connor and Dylan MacDowell. If you find some free time, be sure to give them a listen and help send their season off with a bang!

That's ALSO some nice album art.


David Pohler: Viral sensation.

Friend of TFTC and local superstar David Pohler (@dcpohlerbear) was featured on the Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon singing his best 16-bar cut of Tommorrow from Annie. It's truly fantastic. You can find it on his profile here.



Frequent TFTC collaborator Ellie Swartz aka musical virtuoso ELLIE (@ellie_swartz) just released her debut EP run on all streaming platforms. It sounds like a wistful evening on the porch of your country house hearing the wind rustle through the grass of an open field... or at least it does to me. But you should give it a listen and see if you agree, you might just find you love it. (We do.)



Matt Schultz Reviews

Our resident critic and New York socialite Matt Schultz took a trip to the newly opened Little Island NYC and came back with glowing reviews of the scenery, artist residencies, and food, right down to the refreshments: Schultz: "They had CBD soda water, and I don't even know what that is." If you have a free afternoon in the city feel free to go give it a visit, and for more Matt Schultz Reviews tune in right back here next month.

Matt S. at Little Island. Also every new reader of the newsletter.


RSO: Midsummer

TFTC Collaborator and Mentor Ryan Scott Oliver is hosting his own concert RSO: Midsummer on July 6 at 54 Below. Featuring a knock-out cast of Heath Saunders, Jessie Hooker-Bailey, and Kerstin Anderson. I know it's still a month away, but tickets will go fast, so if you haven't gotten them already you might wanna do that.

And yet again, you've made it to the end of my ramblings. If you want more TFTC (who doesn't) you can always follow us @thousandfacedtheatre on Instagram to keep up to date with what we're up to. Otherwise, I'll grace all your beautiful eyeballs next month!


Matt and TFTC

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