July Newsletter '19

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What's up my California Raisins and Baked Sun Chips, you've just stumbled upon the hottest thing since the record highs this July!

Honesty in an Apology

TFTC is just coming off wrapping up our successful run of Honesty in an Apology at NY Summerfest. The show was very well received by all audiences and made for an enjoyable time for all (despite occasional lapses in A/C). We want to thank everyone who came to support the show and a big final congratulations to Nathan for making his playwriting debut and bringing this show into the world.

Rooftop Series

Thousand Faced Theatre will produce another edition of the Rooftop Series this month featuring Sons and Dogs an new musical written and composed by Jessica McIlquham! It will be held on August 22nd at 7pm at a location to be determined. Come enjoy a night of free food, good friends, and new work!

^^Exactly what it will be like

Now, once again we revert to the doldrums of "procedural business practices" to inform you of some big strides we've made toward solidifying our status and projecting our future seasons. It's honestly not as boring as I make it sound, heck, you might even find it downright interesting, but I figured I give you a heads up in case you were looking to avoid reading anymore than you have to.

Looking Ahead

At our last meeting, we at Thousand Faced Theatre took some major steps in visualizing our goals in the next couple years and forging a path toward achieving them. The first among them was our decision to pursue using the 501(c)3 EZ form to obtain our non-profit status.

After solidifying the budget parameters we decided on a 3 show format for the next two seasons consisting of two cabaret/concert performances and one fully staged production. Interwoven with these would be our monthly Rooftop Series and our preliminary attempts at establishing an education wing to the company.

So yeah, that's the low down. We're about as transparent as a freshly cleaned window.

On that note, you can now get a glimpse into our wildly entertaining personal lives! Through the Looking Glass July is a special month for Thousand Faced Theatre as we had two birthdays in the span of a week! Business Manager Matt Schultz celebrated his birthday on the 23rd and Producing Artistic Director Miranda Luze celebrated hers on the 29th. (Also Director of Records and Media Matt Beary's niece Gwendolyn turned 2 on July 21st.) ...I should've gotten them a card... In other news Director of Media and Marketing Lera Zamaraeva, currently on contract at Black Hills Playhouse just closed her run of Side Show and has transitioned into her run of Mamma Mia! Lastly and least important, our Director of Development Nathan David Smith left for the National Tour of The Office Parody Musical on the 24th as the male swing. He will be in Toronto for the month of August and the opening leg of the show. Congrats! I guess...

Matt Shultz Reviews In this installation, Matt tackles the complexity of race relations and outsider narratives presented in Fairview by Jackie Sibblies Drury now performing at Theatre for a New Audience through August 11th. The play, originally commissioned at Soho Rep, won the Pulitzer Prize for Drama in 2019.

Matt: I definitely learned something. And there you have it, another glimpse into the mind of the man who keeps this ship afloat. Tune in next month for more on the latest and greatest in the New York theatre scene!

Now to shout out the cool things people from our community are up to! The Happenings As mentioned above TFTC member Nathan Smith and the cast of The Office Parody Musical will open in Toronto at CAA Theater on July 30th and run through August 25th! Community Members Daniel BarrettJen Amentt and Molly Spain will be performing in Summer Stalk: A Cabaret EVENT at The Duplex on August 2nd at 9:30pm. I'd tell you to get your tickets here, but they've already sold out! Congrats! Mentor and colleague Ryan Scott Oliver is having preliminary readings of his new collaboration Hugo with Brian Selznick in London this week!! We wish him all the best with the project going forward. TFTC's very own Miranda Luze will be performing at 54 Below on August 14th in the new musical Dandelion. The show starts at 9:30pm with doors open at 8:45, and you can grab your tickets here.

And that, my friends, is all I have for you this month. Thanks for reading, thanks for supporting, and thanks for being you. Until next time. Best, Thousand Faced Theatre Company

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