July Newsletter

Hello dear readers! Remember when we were all wishing for summer? Ah, how naive we were. Regardless of the heat, things are still as busy as ever so read on to find out about some of the goings on in our neck of the woods!


Professional Pretenders Podcast

This July the Professional Pretenders will wrap up Season 2 of the podcast, and we still have two stellar guests left to bring you before we're done. Rounding out our all-star lineup of Kenny Hahn and Napoleon M. Douglas, the next two weeks will bring you the aural delight of Devina Sabnis and Ethan Carlson! Episodes drop Monday mornings, and there's no shame in going back to listen if you missed one ;)

(Lera made the mistake of showing me how to make promo posters)



Speaking of Lera (Director of Media and Marketing for TFTC) she's been hard at work designing setting up the online store for our new Thousand Faced Theatre Company Merch! With more on the way, the store is live now on our website at thousandfacedtheatre.com/shop. Go take a look, maybe you'll find something you like.


The Randy Andys

The Randy Andys, a retro-pop female group managed by TFTC Collaborator and most recent podcast guest Napoleon M. Douglas has begun performing live shows again around the city! The post-modern group pays homage to the Andrews Sisters while singing contemporary bops, and is littered with talent across the board. Find them @therandyandys or at therandayandys.com.


RSO Midsummer

TFTC Collaborator Ryan Scott Oliver will be hosting a concert of his music at 54 Below on July 6th at 9:45pm. Somehow every time I look at the cast list I get more excited to see it. If you haven't gotten your tickets yet, you can find them here.

Just cheesin'



Resident TFTC Newsletter Writer Matt Beary will be performing in a private industry reading of SCOUTS on Friday! SCOUTS is a new coming-of-age musical about gender, friendship, and love set in the late '80s, produced by Con Limon Productions and JoycePiner LLC. The process has been fast and fun, and hopefully I'll have some updates on it for you in the future. :)

The Mothman is real.



The month of July contains the birthdays of so many important people to me, I just had to point it out. Firstly, my amazing mother Lori Beary celebrates her birthday on the 5th, then my adorable niece Gwendolyn is on the 21st. TFTC Members Matt Schultz AND Miranda Luze celebrate their birthdays at the end of the month, that's practically half the company. Along with TFTC collaborators Nachi Lederer, Samantha Ferrara, Christa Cornay, and diligent newsletter reader Shelby Acosta. I mean, what a group.


The World is Heavy EP

Friend of the company Allison Heckart aka Al released her debut EP The World is Heavy on all streaming platforms last month. It's got that lo-fi garage rock 'let loose' kind of feel to it that we all need after being cooped up for so long. You can find her @music_by_al and listen on Apple Music and Spotify.

Yet another super dope album cover


Her Sound

This is just to remind you all that Her Sound is still a thing.

Maybe stay on the lookout for future updates...

And that is it for this month! Thank you all for lending me your eyeballs for a moment, and I hope you all have a fantastic (air conditioned) July ahead. Best, Matt and TFTC

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