February Newsletter

Hello and welcome to your favorite theatre company's monthly status report! While most of the easternmost (and soon to be central) part of the country was getting obliterated by snow, my little ship (jk it's massive) spent all day plugging it's way through the Panama Canal. We've got just a few updates this month, so let's jump in!


Community Guidelines

In the wake of bringing on our newest addition to the TFTC Staff, EDI Consultant Joanna Carpenter, our team got straight to work examining the company’s policies to make sure our spaces are as safe and comfortable as possible. Our first piece of business was updating our Community Guidelines. Joanna helped us streamline our ideas and make them more approachable for anyone to peruse whenever they feel so inclined. If you happen to be one of those people, you can head on over to thousandfacedtheatre.com/community-guidelines to check ‘em out!


ART/NY Grant

Thousand Faced Theatre has also just received its first grant courtesy of the Alliance of Resident Theatres of New York. Our portion of the ART/NY Anti-Oppression Microfund will go toward funding our new full-time EDI position. As an all-white producing company we recognize the need for a position like this on our staff, and this grant will give Joanna the proper compensation she deserves for helping us check our blind spots, and fulfilling a role our industry has been clamoring for for some time. We are so thankful for the support we’ve received from ART/NY and couldn’t be happier to put these funds to good use.


Past Demons

TFTC collaborator and all-around musical mastermind Ryan Scott Oliver has just released his latest ablum Past Demons. The second of a series of collaborations using words from Tales by Shirley Jackson, the album features an all-star cast including other notable TFTC collaborators Jessie Hooker-Bailey, Caitlin Doak, Ethan Carlson, Nicole DeLuca, and our very own Miranda Luze. You can find the album anywhere you listen to music.


Actor Therapy at 54 Below

Lastly, we wanted to send a shout out to TFTC collaborators Nachi Lederer, Xavier, and many (hopefully) future collaborators that will be making their 54 Below debuts in the Actor Therapy showcase on February 8th. The show starts at 9:45pm with tickets sold online or at the door, if you’re in New York go support some burgeoning artists and see some live theatre!


See that was painless! Thank you as always for tuning in this month. I hope everyone's February is shaping up to be fantastic, and you all feel the love come Valentine's day, romantic or otherwise. I'll see you all next month!

All the best, Matt and TFTC

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