December Newsletter '19

Hey, hey, hey, look what showed up in your inbox again! I feel like I put "don't put off buying Christmas presents" on my New Years Resolution every year. And it never makes a difference.

Speaking of things I've been putting off:

A Night With Thousand Faced Theatre If you've been following us at all on any platform, you're most likely aware that we're having a benefit concert in Des Moines on the 27th. The show will feature members of the company, as well as five Iowan artists, singing show tunes, jazz standards, and a few pieces from shows we'll be producing in the coming year. On top of the performance, we're also holding a raffle for our audience offering prizes from local businesses. We're hoping this show will be the first of many more events that we're able to bring back home, and we'd love for any and everyone who can make it to come out! Tickets can be found on our website or right here!

I mean look at this friggin poster! New Additions Thousand Faced Theatre Company is thrilled to announce the newest member of our Executive Board Nick Vogl! Aside from he and company member Miranda Luze going to high school together, Nick first came to us as a playwright when we produced his play Falcon for one of our Rooftop Series events. Before moving to New York, Nick had spent the first few years out of college in Seattle working for a non-profit company, and since working together he showed continued interest in joining our team and helping us improve based on the experience he had. He officially attended his first meeting on Sunday and has already shown how valuable of an asset he will be to the team and we couldn't be happier to have him! TFTC would also like to give another quick shoutout to Samuel Howard for his generosity in meeting with a few or our members to let us pick his brain about some business strategies we'd like to employ in the future. His input and guidance were exceedingly useful in helping us gain a better perspective on the way we do business now and how we will in the future.

Behind the Curtain While our members have been spending an increasing amount of time preparing for our December show (*wink wink* TICKET LINK) we also have lives outside of Thousand Faced that are somewhat interesting. You can read about them here!

My constant internal monologue. Matt Beary has been living off the grid after both his phone short-circuited and laptop broke a few days ago, causing him to reflect on just how attached he is to his electronic devices, and how sad it is to only be able to reliably communicate via Facebook messenger. He also closes his run of Dragons Love Tacos tomorrow in Hempstead, NY after a two month run. He's been so incredibly lucky in regards to the people he's been able to work with on this show, but he's looking forward to see what life will look like on the other side of the new year. Nathan Smith is currently soaking up all of the free time he's been given due to his holiday layoff from The Office! A Musical Parody. Between reaching level 60 (max level) with his Hunter in World of Warcraft Classic, to finding the joy in cooking, Nathan is truly living his best life.  Miranda Luze just finished performing as Mary Todd Lincoln in the Off-Broadway preview of Common Ground: A New Musical. She also, at the point of writing this, just finished using the Marie Kondo method of tidying up her closet to shed herself of countless clothes and shoes that were no longer sparking joy in her life. How nice. Lera Zamaraeva has really been in the holiday spirit lately, so much so she's been getting drunk off of it! She and community member Christa Cornay just released the first episode of A Boozy Bluesy Christmas and you can watch it here. For what Matt Schultz has been up to, I'd like to jump directly to my favorite segment:

Matt Schultz Reviews As we mentioned in last months post, Matt attended the opening weekend of The Inheritance on Broadway here's what he had to say: Schultz: I saw Antoni Porowski there! A Fab Five siting in the wild is always something to get excited about. Tune in next month for more top-line and topical criticism of New York theatre at large!

The Goings On Here's what people from our community have been up to in the last month!

Community member Gerry Vega just finished filming the pilot episode to his new show Life of (a) Manny. We're so happy to see him following his passion and succeeding! Follow the show @lifeofamanny!

We're so proud! Collaborator Ethan Carlsen and friend of the company Jordan De Leon opened Beauty and the Beast at Syracuse Stage. The show opened November 22nd and runs through January 5th. Friend of the company Katie Hahn just opened her production of CATS on Royal Caribbean Cruises. Coincidentally, in the meantime we're taking care of her cat!

Here he is. His name is Figaro. TFTC Board and Community members alike participated in Actor Therapy's concert version of Hair at 54 Below a few weeks ago. You can watch all of the videos here, but if nothing else you have to watch Miranda, Lera, and Shelby crush 'Black Boys' right now. Otherwise, that's all we have for you. Thank you all so much for a fantastic year of support, it's been a privilege to take up this spot in your inbox and more importantly in your lives. Wishing you all of the happiness this holiday season, see you in the new year!

Thousand Faced Theatre Company

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