August Newsletter '20

Updated: Jan 9, 2021

During this seemingly endless episode of Black Mirror we've all been living in for the past few months, I've been looking for both better ways to disengage from my doom scrolling, and find things to be grateful for to counteract my existential dread. Herein lies the root of this month's newsletter.

I found that I am in a unique position of knowing a RIDICULOUS amount of talented people, who at this point in time are without an outlet to display their talents. Thus, they've turned to social media to become their stage. I also realized that many of you, dear readers, may not have access to this kind of content on your feeds, so I thought I'd do you the service of showing you just a smidgen of the wealth of talent being displayed in the wake of quarantine.

Here is a collection of supremely talented artists who you can watch and just start following now so you can say that 'you knew them when..' before they all inevitably become famous.

Olivia Griffin insta: @og_oliviagriffin                twitter: @OGOliviagriffin          Youtube

Olivia is a class-act who just has more talent than anyone knows what to do with. She's currently streaming 'Living Room Tunes' on the app airtime (it's free to download) every Wednesday from 3-4pm where she collaborates and talks shop with a new artist each week. She's also recording an album of original music that's slated to come out in the fall!

Jen Amentt insta: @planet.jem

Jen is one of my favorite people on the planet who also happens to be an amazing performer. She has been recording her series BB Pop on her instagram since before quarantine and has started collaborating with her friend Griffin (@grifboyd) and NEEDS TO KEEP RELEASING CONTENT BECAUSE I NEED IT.   *ahem*

Alex Monge insta: @alexmonge Youtube

Alex is a STUNNING actor and vocalist I've had the pleasure of working with in a couple of concerts at 54 Below. Throughout quarantine he's been posting intimate acoustic BOPS on his instagram feed and did me the courtesy of letting me insert one of my favorites.

Meghan Fitton insta: @meghanfitton Youtube

Meghan is a low-key (high-key) superstar who's fresh off of making an appearance on American Idol this spring. You can listen to her sultry voice in her acoustic uploads to instagram or her new EP All Over the Place wherever you stream music.

Alina Fontanilla  insta: @alinagoeseast Youtube

Alina has been an active member in the Thousand Faced community having slayed in Typed Out: A Princess Cabaret at 54 Below last spring. She did let me know this was technically recorded pre-quarantine, but it doesn't matter because you all need to hear it.

Sara Glancy insta: @saraglancy1 Youtube

Sara is a fierce beltress, but scales it back in this recording of the song that played at her wedding (!). She wanted to pass along the message that you should make sure you're registered to vote. You can check your voter registration status here:

Joshua Dominique and Sav Souza @joshuahdsimpson + @saaaavv Youtube (JD)            Youtube (Sav)

We've been clamoring over this video since JD told us about it a couple of weeks ago. They've consistently been one of TFTC's biggest cheerleaders since it's inception and can riff for their life at the drop of a hat. If you find yourself falling in love with the sound of their voice don't worry, you may be hearing more of it soon... :)

Thank you all for reading once again, and hopefully things are starting to become a little easier as we collectively continue to adjust to this strange reality. We'll continue to be here with you through it all. Thousand Faced Theatre Company

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