April Newsletter '19

Oh baby, the moment you've all been waiting for...

Blocks > Birdball To start things off we must talk about our incredible March Rooftop Series reading of Remembering Party (formerly RIP Gramps) by Kenny Hahn. The night was full of laughs thanks to a hilarious script and stellar cast, and the joy in the room was palpable among those who were there. To those of you who took my advice to come this month, I'd like to take this moment to say I told you so. (justkiddingthankyouforcomingiloveyou). For those of you who didn't... well. 

If you'd like to submit a piece to be workshopped or if you have something that just needs an audience submit to us at submissions@thousandfacedtheatre.com.

This month we'll be taking a hiatus from the Rooftop Series to focus on our most pressing project of the year:

Thousand Faced Theatre's Double Your Impact Fundraiser Notice it's bold AND underlined. TFTC is in an amazingly privileged position to have found a donor that will match all of our funds raised through the month of April! We have put together a video summarizing all of the work that we've done in the past year, and thanks to the donations of so many of you last year we were able to accomplish a great deal. If you have any interest in seeing us continue our work and seeing us reach new heights, you can support us at: https://www.gofundme.com/2500-matching-gift As always, any donation is greatly appreciated, but if you'd like your dollar to have twice the impact, be sure to donate before April is over!

(This is you generously donating.) (Because April Showers... get it?) And to learn what your dollars will be funding this year: Bigger and Better Thousand Faced is revamping the project that started it all with a new and improved Typed Out: A Princess Cabaret. Our new production will include a new cast of rightful princesses (with a few familiar faces), a three piece band, and will take place at a venue that will be very familiar to a lot of you... Performance dates and times will be released in the coming weeks as will audition opportunities. Be on the lookout for finalized announcements coming soooo0n.

Errr Prince$$**** Say You're Sorry Our newest endeavor will be producing our own Nathan David Smith's One Act play Honesty, in an Apology in the fall. The play centers around a son being reunited with his comatose father in a hospital room, and the emotions that come with fractured relationships. We're so proud to have a show not only be produced, but completely created from within the company and we hope you will join us when performance time rolls around. *looks at Nathan*

Here's your monthly look at what the heck we're doing outside of running this ballin' company! Behind the Curtain On Tuesday our Director of Records (and the guy writing about himself in the third person) Matt Beary will be heading back to Iowa to celebrate his childhood best friend Travis's wedding over the weekend. He assures you he will be in a suitable condition by the time he returns to the city. Company members Miranda Luze and Nathan Smith will also be returning home in May to celebrate Nathan's mom's graduation from nursing school and Miranda's sister's graduation from undergrad. Sounds like an academic extravaganza! (I'm sorry.) Next Monday company member Matt Schultz starts his new job as the Management Associate for the League of Resident Theaters! He's easily the most professional of all of us.

Now that we're done talking about ourselves, let's talk about our community! Getting After It Last month community members Miranda Luze, Henry Fisher, and Joshua Dominique performed in an encore production of The Eleventh Hour in New Brunswick, New Jersey where the show originated. Our most recent Rooftop Series playwright Kenny Hahn just performed her first stand up routine at the Broadway Comedy Club! What a star! Last week Alec BrownCarly Hayes, and Tucker Murray performed their second iteration of Peter, Paul, and Carly at The Duplex. Keep an eye out for their next show rumored to be coming at the end of May! Community member Ian Doran opened as Crutchie in Newsies at the Derby Dinner Playhouse on April 5th. Keep killing it my guy! Our friend Tyler Clark and Matheta Dance have started a fundraiser to launch an independently funded production at Judson Memorial Church on May 24thShow them some love here! Community member Ry Armstrong will be presenting An Earth Day Celebration at 54 Below April 22nd at 7pm. The show includes many Broadway and Off-Broadway performers including community member Olivia Griffin. Get your tickets here! Company member Lera Zamaraeva has an improv show at UCB Hell's Kitchen on May 24th at 6pm. $7 tickets at the door, go show some support! TFTC community and company members alike will take the stage in Actor Therapy's presentation of Spring Awakening in Concert at 54 Below on May 9th at 11:30pm. Tickets can be found here! ...

You made it, dear reader! What did you think? Did we peak last month? Have we risen to even greater heights? Do I use too many cliche's? Not enough gifs? GIVE ME SOME SUGGESTIONS. I wanna make this as fun for you as it is for me, so let me know what you wanna see! (I could even make our entire newsletter rhyme like that.)  Ok, that's it. One Love. Best, Thousand Faced Theatre Company

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