April Newsletter

As we move into April it feels like a long winter is ending in multiple facets of our lives. Plants are waking from their slumber, the sun providing more light and warmth each day, and the vision of life beyond the pandemic is coming into focus.


I do realize I missed a golden opportunity for some kind of April Fools joke in there somewhere, but honestly, this past calendar year has been enough of a joke.


TFTC Update

As we eagerly await the reopening of live theatre both in New York and across the nation, we at Thousand Faced Theatre have been working behind the scenes to streamline our organization internally (like a juice cleanse, but for the company!) so that we're prepared to hit the ground running. It's not the flashiest way to advertise your company, but boy is it gonna help us get stuff done. Now that you're in the know, you can read on about some of our individual expoits!


The Office Off-Broadway

Nathan David Smith, our esteemed Director of Development and mastermind behind basically every fundraiser we've ever done, has wasted no time in returning to theatre. He went ahead and booked a role in the first live show to open in New York this spring playing the role of Dwight in The Office! a Musical Parody at The Theater Center on the corner of Broadway and 50th St. You can see him (if you're vaccinated or with a negative covid test) starting April 9th!



This month General Manager Miranda Luze will make an appearance as the first ever guest on the beloved Squabbit: the Positive News Podcast hosted by TFTC collaborator Zach Decker. The episode will premiere in mid-April, but be sure to listen to all episodes releasing every Tuesday wherever you listen to podcasts.


Matt Schultz Reviews

Business Manager Matt Schultz made the mistake of telling me about a virtual magic show he was attending through the Geffen Playhouse (cleverly rebranded as the Geffen Stayhouse) and I leapt at the opportunity to revive my favorite segment. The show is called The Future by Helder Guimaraes which made it's world premiere in December. Schultz: "I liked that they mailed me a magic box in advance." Indeed. It seems they really were planning for The Future. Tune in next time for more cutting-edge insight into the world of theatre!


Tune in

If you're bored this weekend and are looking for something to do, here are a couple things that we'll be in the audience for: Atypical Theatre Co. will be streaming it's newest virtual cabaret True Colors hosted by friend of the company Haley Ashlin on Saturday, April 3 @ 5pm PST (8 EST) on their Youtube channel. Madeline Jones will be making her Titan Theatre Company debut in Genesis: a prequel to A Raisin in the Sun. Showtimes are April 1-3 @ 7:30 EST, get your tickets here.


Tip of the Cap

Lastly, we wanted to congratulate fellow Drake University alumni Ken-Matt Martin on being named the new Artistic Director of Victory Gardens Theater in Chicago. He will begin his tenure as the third artistic director in the theater's 46-year history on April 19. We wish him all the success and are confident he'll be a brilliant leader in the Chicago theatre community.


And once again, it comes to this. The end of the newsletter where I must confess that I have no more valuable information to bestow upon you. But, fear not, we'll meet again. One month to the day. I promise it.

Until then,

Matt and TFTC

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