April Newsletter '20

Updated: Jan 9, 2021

Whaddup fellow shut-ins! Welcome back to your monthly reminder of all the rad things your favorite little-theatre-company-that-could is up to! You've just been lucky enough to open a special edition of the newsletter that includes more than just that quippy banter you've come to enjoy, but full-fledged QUALITY CONTENT! How fortunate you are.

If you've been paying any attention whatsoever you know that TFTC was scheduled to have a concert performance of Her Sound: A Revelation in Song by Ethan Carlson at 54 Below last Wednesday, but for some God forsaken reason (get it? it's a biblical show) it was cancelled.

In the meantime we couldn't wait, so we had some of our incredible performers record sneak previews to 13 songs from the score! If you've been keeping up with us on Instagram (@thousandfacedtheatre) you will have seen us rolling these out over the past few weeks, but here they all are in one place for you viewing pleasure! Now to give you all a taste (there's some Eve/Apple joke I'm missing here) of what heaven sounds like... (nailed it.)

The Book of Vashti Sandra Okuboyejo

Jericho Monet Sabel

An Apple From a Tree Courtney Kofoed

Ruth after Naomi Bethany Perkins

Zipporah Allie Trimm

Judas Jada Temple

Samson Miranda Luze ft. Lera Zamaraeva

~ INTERMISSION ~ Good God! (heh) This shit slaps!


2 Coins Lera Zamaraeva ft. Nathan, Miranda, and My hands

Nazareth Kim Onah

Naamah Lexi Rabaldi

Naomi Kerri George

Jezebel Arinea Hermans

Sodom and Gomorrah Kerstin Anderson

YES GAWD! (Count it.) That 's a lot of freaking talent. You can't tell me you aren't dying to see this show now. Even if you did I wouldn't believe you, call me a Doubting Thomas. (lololol)

Oh boy, any more of these newsletters with quality entertainment and I'm gonna be out of a job... 

Thanks for watching!

That's all for us! I hope you enjoyed, and that you and your loved ones continue to stay safe and healthy. 

                             Best Wishes, TFTC

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