February Newsletter '20

Updated: Jan 9, 2021

Did you know that leap years happen every year that can be exactly divided by 4, exceptif it's divisible by 100, except if it's divisible by 400? All that to say this year we have one more day to do something extraordinary, or in my case maybe get around to watching the last season of Game of Thrones. No, it has not been spoiled for me yet. Yes, I can feel your judgment through the screen.

Now on to what you actually came for!

Dandelion: An Original Musical

This month TFTC produced an AEA 29-hour reading of Dandelion: A Original Musical. The showcase hosted an invited audience of friends, colleagues, and industry professionals who offered valuable feedback for the creative team to use toward further development of the show. Both the progress made in rehearsals, and the wealth of ideas offered after the presentation will hugely aid the piece going forward as it pursues future productions.

Her Sound

Thousand Faced's next project will be producing a concert reading of Her Sound a song cycle by Ethan Carlson at Feinstein's/54 Below in conjunction with Ryan Scott Oliver. The show will take place April 22nd at 9:30pm and will be directed by Sammi Cannold. More details coming soon ;)

Matt Schultz Reviews

We now give the floor over to our esteemed in-house theatre connoisseur and critic Matt Schultz. Last week Matt attended Girl From The North Country at the Belasco Theater. Here's what he had to say: Schultz: "I guess I don't really know Bob Dylan's music that well." Sometimes I'm just at a loss for words. Simply, wow. Come back next month for more.

Behind the Curtain

Now we come to the part where we pretend you care about our lives outside of the company. If you happen to, read on! Nathan David Smith is still touring with The Office: A Musical Parody and just passed through Atlantic Beach, FL where he built his first ever sand castle! It was shaped like a turtle and the shell was adorned with sea shells. Too cute. Miranda Luze has been steadily growing her vocal studio to the point of teaching handfuls of lessons every week. AKA inviting handfuls of strangers into our home each week.  Matt Schultz and his fiancee Kellie hosted an impromptu ski trip upstate last week and brought company members Matt Beary and Lera along too!  Lera Zamaraeva performed in an agent showcase through Actor Therapy's Casting Director and Agent Workshop and began preparations for her end-of-year trip to Chile and Argentina for a 6 DAY MUSIC FESTIVAL. Matt Beary spent all day on Wednesday at the Ethel Barrymore Theater seeing both parts of The Inheritance. It was a fantastic, emotionally-draining experience. Nick Vogl is anxiously awaiting the arrival of the Hunkin-Funkins duo in NYC after they complete their cross-country road trip!


Now we want to take the time to shout out the awesome people in our community and the equally awesome things they're up to! Mentor and collaborator Ryan Scott Oliver is producing his own cabaret RSO at F/54 at the end of the month at 54 Below. He's recruited an unbelievable cast to perform a night of old and new pieces, you can get your tickets here. Community member Blake Zolfo is booked and blessed and Maltz Jupiter Theatre's production of How to Succeed... through April 5th.  Actor Therapy will be hosting a celebration concert for it's 50th Session at 54 Below which will include company members Miranda, Lera, and Matt B, as well as countless TFTC community members. The concert is March 14th at 11:30pm and you can get tickets here. Last week friend of the company Meghan Fitton was featured on American Idoland made it through to Hollywood! Watch her here! Community member Becky Gulsvig (fresh off her performance as Lilah in Dandelion) will end her Broadway run as Beverly Bass in Come From Away on March 1. Friend of the company Reese Sebastian Diaz will be joining the Broadway production of Dear Evan Hansen as Evan/Connor/Jared Understudy!

That about sums it up for us this month! Keep being the beautiful and inspiring people you are, and we'll see you next month! All the Best, Thousand Faced Theatre Company

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