January Newsletter '20

Updated: Jan 9, 2021

Hello one and all, Tis the season of tight pocket books and 16-bar job interviews! Like the new do? Look at us getting fancy with customized email campaigns!

We're going to open by looking back at last month, since we all know hindsight is 20/20. (buckle up, this is the first of many)

A Night With Thousand Faced Theatre

To close out the year TFTC hosted a benefit concert for our friends and family in Des Moines, you may have heard about it. What you may not have known is that the show was a rousing success! The performers crushed it, the audience was spectacularly supportive, and the company raised some solid capital which will go toward both operating expenses and projects going forward into the new year.

Look at those cuties! Speaking of projects in the new year:

Dandelion: An Original Musical

Our first project will be a 29 hour Equity staged reading of the musical Dandelion, with music and lyrics by Colleen Francis and Bill Zeffiro, book by Jessica Francis Fichter and Sean Reihm, and additional developmental assistance from Hailee Beltzhoover. The show will be headlined by Becky Gulsvig (Come From Away, Legally Blonde) and Devon Goffman (On Your Feet, Motown) and will also feature Hailey Beltzhoover, Lillie Ricciardi, Shelby Acosta, Brittnye Joelle Jones, Bianne Wylie, Brenden MacDonald our very own Miranda Luze! That's a piece that really fulfills our 2020 vision! ^^(I mean come on)

Matt Shultz Reviews

This week our esteemed resident theater critic (and Business Manager) had the pleasure of seeing the winner of the 2019 Tony Award for Best Musical Hadestown. Here's what he had to say: Schultz: Hades' voice was CRAZY low! That sounds like a rousing 20/20 to me! (A bit forced, I know) Stop by for our next edition of Matt Schultz Reviews to hear him say what other critics only dare to think!

Behind the Curtain

Miranda Luze after coming off a riveting perfomance in A Night With Thousand Faced Theatre, promptly got engaged to our very own Nathan Smith! She then, just as promptly, flushed the ill-fitting engagement ring down the toilet. Nathan Smith just reembarked on the second leg of his national tour with The Office: A Musical Parody. This week he'll be performing in both Des Moines and Cedar Falls as Jim and Dwight respectively! He too got engaged just before the new year. Matt Beary last week started a new session of the Casting Director and Agent Workshop through Actor Therapy. The week before that he started a new job as a barista at Pennylane Coffee. "Wow, busy guy," you might say. "Eh, not really," he would reply. Lera Zamaraeva has recently been studying to take the United States Citizenship Test, you know, because her spending the past 20 years growing up here wasn't convincing enough. Matt Schultz's fiancee Kellie is having a birthday party this Saturday and she accidentally invited a few people that she didn't want to come! He will also be looking at tuxes for his wedding in the coming weeks with Matt Beary! Nick Vogl has been playing and teaching guitar to kids in his spare time. He has gotten so successful that he has been fielding inquiries about private lessons. He's also slotted to play at one of his students birthday parties with a chance to break out his juggling skills! Lolol still funny in 2020! ^^(that one even rhymed!)


TFTC community member Christae Evanson made her Off-Broadway debut this month in Good Morning New York: A New Musical downtown at The Players Theater! The show opened on January 11th and runs through February 9th so get your tickets herebefore it's gone! Friend of the company and fellow producer Danny Marin will be bringing his hit cabaret Mediocre at Best back to the Green Room 42 on February 4th at 7pm. Tickets available here.

That's the end of the line for us! Hope you all have had a great start to the year, we'll be back in your inbox before you know it! All the best, Thousand Faced Theatre Company

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