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What is the The Rooftop Series?

The Rooftop Series is an event Thousand Faced Theatre created to provide a workshop setting for new works. This can include musicals, plays, essays, sketch comedy, songwriting and more! Each installment can look very different than the last, and we encourage each artist to use the opportunity however they feel is best for the next step of their show! Some installments are done at an apartment with no rehearsal. We drink. We eat. It’s very casual and more feedback oriented. Other installments are a bit more formal. We rent a space. We set up music stands and chairs. We can even record audio and video. Every artist gets the opportunity to shape the night to best suit their needs!


What does TFTC provide for the workshop?


We are able to provide a venue for the event that includes amenities such as music stands, a piano, chairs etc... We are able to record the show and send you the footage, and print scripts for the director/cast. As far as rehearsals, we can provide a rehearsal space in Astoria and in some cases can provide a dress rehearsal in the venue. For events that need multiple actors, TFTC will work with the artist to cast the show.


How do I submit?

All you need is any sort of script and a few thoughts on how you would like to shape the night! Your script does not need to be a final draft and you should feel free to make changes after submitting! Email us at


When should I expect a response?

You should expect a response within a week that we have received your submission and it is being reviewed by a TFTC member. As TFTC is always accepting rolling submissions, artists can expect to wait a few months before they may be selected for an installment. Artists selected for an installment will be notified about a month in advance. TFTC will work with the artist to find a date and time that works best for both parties. If an artist is unable to participate the month they are selected, they can and will still be considered for future months! (Basically don’t plan us into your schedule until you’ve been contacted about an installment!)


Anything else?

We highly encourage applicants to attend a Rooftop Series! This will allow the artist to get a feel for the environment and have the chance to meet our team! We would love to have you and it’s a free night of new work!

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