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About Us

Thousand Faced Theatre Company is a nonprofit theatre company based out of New York City. We are focused on creating and producing new works and unique interpretations of existing pieces in the hopes of giving voices to those who may traditionally not have the opportunity to be heard. We recognize that today, as much as any time in history, our society could greatly benefit from exposure to perspectives that may differ from traditional norms. We believe that in presenting new ideas to our audiences we can bring humanity closer together one performance at a time.

Our Mission

Thousand Faced Theatre is a non-profit that serves to create, develop, and foster new works while giving a voice to emerging artists.

Our Vision

Thousand Faced Theatre strives to provide a platforms that bring a thousand faces, voices and ideas into the light.

Why 'Thousand Faced'?

The title 'Thousand Faced' pays homage to the Joseph Campbell's book The Hero With a Thousand Faces that examines the similarities between cultural myths across the world, and finds that they all follow the same basic structure. Similarly, our company believes that all people are intrinsically connected through the desire to explore the human condition. Our hope is that, in presenting new perspectives, we may show the world how fundamentally similar, yet uniquely beautiful people are.


Matthew Beary

Henry Fisher

Miranda Luze

Matthew Schultz

Nathan David Smith

Lera Zamaraeva

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